Secure Escrow Services for Online Transactions

Our escrow site ensures secure online transactions, protecting buyers and sellers from fraud and payment disputes. Our payment process is reliable, providing peace of mind for a smooth and efficient transaction.

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Trust your transactions with us - Safe, Secure, and Efficient!

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Escrow Goods And Services

We pride ourselves on fast service and a “Get it done” attitude. Once you have placed your order with us, you can be assured that we are big enough to get the job done, yet small enough to care about every closing. As a lender, you will work one on one with one of our closers, this way you can get to know us on an individual basis.



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How does escrow work?

Having an escrow company in place assures the buyer and the seller that the process stays safe from forgery.
The Buyer can set up a savings account with Global  escrow and deposit the earnest money.  After Global Escrow conducts a service or good inspection and legal verification, Global Escrow releases funds to the seller. This, in turn, ensures the seller that the buyer is authentic. 

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