About Us​

Global Escrow is an online escrow company that has been serving multiple industries (Real Estate, services, cars etc ) for over 12 years. We have developed a reputation for quality and efficient closings. We strive to offer customer service to the highest of standards, and escrow company takes pride in the professionalism and honesty that we give to all our clients.

Our Approach

Who can Use Global Escrow for Transactions?


Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms and Start Transaction

The buyer and seller negotiate and reach an agreement concerning the product or service to be transacted. This includes, among others, the features and condition, as well as the price and mode of delivery (if applicable).


Buyer Deposits Payment to A Dedicated Escrow Account Provided by Global Escrow.

Buyer makes a commitment by depositing the payment for such goods/services to a dedicated bank account provided by Global Escrow, where the payment is safely locked until seller fulfills his part of the bargain.


Seller Delivers Product/Service To Buyer

Upon receipt of payment from buyer, Global Escrow informs seller to proceed with delivering the goods/services being transacted to the buyer.